What Is Beach Entry (or Zero Entry) Swimming Pool?

Beach Entry Swimming Pool

When designing a swimming pool it is important to consider how one gets in and out of the pool. Easy entry into the swimming pool will cater for children, elders and the disabled.

The easiest way to get into the pool is the beach entry. Beach entry swimming pool is becoming the most desired pool feature. A designed beach entry swimming pool provides beauty aesthetic for your backyard. It comes with a striking entrance and a stylish modern design.

What is beach entry or zero entry swimming pool? A beach entry swimming pool, or zero entry swimming pool is an in-ground swimming pool. It is designed with an entry that has a very slight slope into the pool, providing you with a long, slow and gradual entry.

The beach entry swimming pool is also called the zero entry pool. The initial entry into the pool begins dry, which is where the term zero entry pool comes from. The construction of this pool is done in such a way that the position of the pool lies at the shallow end side. The slope of the pool gives out the much deep end.

Beach entry swimming pool is a popular option that replaces the top step with a gentle slope. The depth starts out at zero and slowly slopes to a depth of one foot. They are fun, functional pools that look similar to what you can find out at a resort.

A beach entry swimming pool is when one or more sides of your pool slopes gradually into the water. As you enter the slope will take you deeper into the water until you safely enter your swimming pool.

This swimming pool has a very innovative design that can bring out the aesthetic sense of the pool. The pool is specifically framed to have a transformation from the shallow to the deep water. Beach entry swimming is good for people who want to have a relaxing time and can also enjoy sunbathing.

Why Beach Entry/Zero Entry Swimming Pool?

The amazing thing about beach entry swimming pool is its perfect for lounging. One can sit in the foot of water. Its very relaxing and comfortable. You can also place furniture into the shallow area of the pool.

Large shallow entrance provides a splash area for children to safely play. Parents can easily monitor their young children and give place where they can have fun.

It is perfect for gradual entry. If you are the type of person who likes to slow enter the water beach entry pool makes it possible. Children have a perfect way of entering the pool without running or jumping in.

It makes you feel like you are at a beach. Sitting pool-side of a beach entry pool gives the feeling of sitting lakeside. Skip installing traditional steps designs into your pool. Beach entry pool provides an innovative alternative to enter the pool.

Comes with a beautiful view. It looks cool and gives beauty to its surrounding area. It also gives you a variety of options for landscaping ideas. Pool builders can also build the decorative artistic boulders that can produce the beach a very pleasing attribute.

Individuals enjoy a pool’s recreational benefits. This makes it a great choice for those with mobility issues or physical disabilities. Wheel-chairs can even role into the water and remain in the depth that suits them.

Allows sunbathing on shallow area of the pool without being immersed in water. One can also feel the soothing motion of the light wave while listening to music or reading a book.

Sensitive swimmers can enjoy a bit of added comfort since they can descend into the water much more gradually than they could with regular pool steps. If you have a dog or puppy who enjoys playing in the pool, a beach entry can be safer for your pet.

Features Of A Beach Entry/Zero Entry Swimming Pool

The slope is very similar to a real beach. The depths start out at zero and slowly slopes to a depth of one foot and has a warm shallow water at the entry due to the design making the pool a great spot to sunbathe or relax without being completely immersed in water.

Positioned at the pool’s shallow end. Entry point is constructed to be even with the deck. The top part where it meets the deck is usually dry. The entry becomes progressively deeper with each step. As you walk into the pool, this configuration provides a gentle transition into deeper water.

A popular approach for demarcating the entry is using partially submerged accent boulders or small ornamental statues. It doesn’t require any kind of steps that needs to be made as it just require the entry. Gentle slope replaces the top step.

In larger pools it may be gentle slope the entire way, in other pools it slopes and then drops off into slightly deeper water. Requires plenty of space in your yard to allow the sloping access area. Stylish modern design. It has a striking entrance.


Materials include decorative materials, pool deck materials, coping material and interior finishes.

Decorative Materials

Choosing a beach entry pool design means the pool construction material will be concrete. One of the longest lasting of the building material available.

The best choices are flagstone and any kind of poured and decorative concrete. Natural flagstone is used. Flagstone performs well on both dry land or in water. This produce a coordinated aesthetic for the pool.

Concrete pools need to be finished with some sort of fine surface usually ceramic tiles and glass mosaic tiles. Designer rocks, fountains, showpieces can also be part of your pool. It can create an appealing visual art that gives your pool a unique aspect.

Pool-marcite, quartz or pebble is also used. These materials are used for configuration modification. Sand finish colored concrete and stonescapes are also used.

Pool Deck Materials

A pool deck provides space for lounging near the water. A smooth flat surface will make it easy to move furniture around the deck. Deck materials include stone, pavers, concrete, brick, tile and wood.

Coping Materials

Coping provides an edge of your pool that creates a finished look. Most popular coping materials are cast concrete and brick.

Interior Finishes

These include Plaster, Aggregate and Tile finishes.

Plaster Finish. Plaster is a mix of white cement, white sand or marble aggregate and water.

Aggregate Finish. To upgrade your pool aesthetic you can opt to mix a material like pebbles with cement instead of sand. Common aggregate materials are pebbles, glass beads and quartz.

Tile Finish. Tile is typically made of porcelain {standard}, stone or glass. Porcelain tile can be glazed, textured or hand-painted for a fancier look.

Pool Style

When you think of tropics, water and relaxation automatically come to mind. Beach entry swimming pool is a tropical or lagoon pool style. A tropical pool can bring a bit of the vacation atmosphere to your backyard. Waterfalls, lush plants, boulders and palm trees are all hallmarks of tropical style swimming pools.

Pool Dimensions

The style of the pool takes up more space because of the length you need to make up the transition from shallow to deep. Pool shape and entry width can influence the final amount of length that a beach entry requires.

Cost Of A Beach Entry/Zero Entry Swimming Pool

A beach entry swimming pool costs more than a traditional swimming pool. This is because the technology for beach entry pool is relatively new.

The size of a beach entry pool is one of the foremost reason that will change the cost. If you accommodate an extra space in the pool then costing of the pool will automatically increase.

Apart from size of the pool the cost of material will also depend upon the cost of the pool. The more expensive type of material used the more will be the cost of these pools.

Considerations For Beach Entry Swimming Pool Construction Project

The style of pool takes up more space because of the length you need to make the transition from shallow to deep. The pool deck will need to be part of your overall landscaping and pool project for this style pool because a beach entry requires different planning.

Project budget depend on size, complexity of the construction, amount of features and finishes selected.

Related Questions

Are Beach entry pools safe?

Beach entry pools are safe. The shallow section is perfect place to teach kids and non-swimmers to swim allowing them to be gradually acclimated with increasing depths. Toddlers and small children will delight in an incorporated splash zone while adults can supervise from close proximity.

Which material is best for constructing Beach entry swimming pool?

Most beach entry pools are built into existing or new in-ground concrete pools. Concrete is durable which makes it best for constructing a beach entry pool.

Are Beach entry pools expensive?

Beach entry swimming pools are expensive and also exclusive in nature. These pools are very premium in cost.

What is the difference between a Beach entry swimming pool and a Zero entry pool?

They are the same thing. The two terms are used interchangeably.

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