How Much Does it Cost To Move a Hot Tub?

Hot Tub Being Moved

Hot tubs are a fun and exciting luxury to have. There have been a couple of times that I would look for a ‘weekend getaway’ to any place that is so cold my toes may freeze off, accompanied by a room with a hot tub or a jacuzzi or anything remotely similar to the romantic scenes you see on television.

How much does it cost to move a hot tub? The moving price may range from $150 to $500 depending on the hard to reach places you would like it to be moved to. The number of steps the movers need to climb to lift the hot tub to will also increase the price. In the event that you move a hot tub from one property to another, the start-up price may be $250 and can be increased to $1000 depending on the distance between the two properties.

Moving a hot tub or jacuzzi may seem to be an easy task, yet there are a couple of factors that need to be taken into consideration when doing so. You have to remind yourself that you would not work on your car’s engine; instead you would take it to an expert for a service. The same goes for your jacuzzi. It is smart to ask and obviously pay a professional to do the moving for you. You do not want to save money on moving and spend more on fixing. 

Estimated Costs

In the event that you would like to move your hot tub on your own property from one place to another, it may not be as expensive as you think. However, the specific place you would like the hot tub to be moved to may increase the rate. The moving price may range from $150 to $500 depending on the hard to reach places you would like it to be moved to. The amount of steps the movers need to climb to lift the hot tub to will also increase the price.

In the event that you move a hot tub from one property to another, the start-up price may be $250 and can be increased to $1000 depending on the distance between the two properties. In the event that the hot tub or jacuzzi has a screen or any type of thing surrounding it, the rate will be between $75 to $300 depending on the size and weight. This price will be added to the initial costs mentioned above regarding distance and different properties you want your precious hot tub to be moved to.

If you are the new owner of a property with a hot tub and you would like to remove it, costs will be about $150 to $300 depending on the type and model of the hot tub. Most new owners advertise on craigslist to ask if there are people who would be willing to remove it for free. According to me, this would be very stupid.

If I bought any property with a hot tub already installed, I would find out what it’s worth and advertise that people could come and buy it and pay me money to take it. Paying for its removal, especially if it is someone who would most likely make money out of it, is like taking candy from a baby. You are almost helping them rob you. 

Moving a hot tub may seem too expensive, yet you have to take into consideration that these movers are equipped to use haul trucks and specific tools to move your jacuzzi. You have to take into consideration that they have to get rid of excess materials and install new operating systems if needed.

Removing or moving a hot tub yourself is great if you have all the necessary equipment, yet in the event that you do not have the expertise or equipment, get a professional. If you can make money out of selling the hot tub or save money by paying a professional, why take the risk of damaging the hot tub? 

Jacuzzi Site Preparation

Did you know that you actually have to make space for the hot tub in the event that you would like to move it? Funny enough, I did not realise that this was a ‘thing’ either. Come to think of it, this is quite obvious. You have to prepare the new location and think of all the small details regarding the maintenance of the hot tub before you can just move it.

The preparation for the site of the hot tub can cost you about $420 for a large jacuzzi, $370 for a medium sized jacuzzi and $345 for a small one. These preparation site costs are based on the amount of money you will spend on building material and tools for the jacuzzi.

Keep into consideration that you have to pay people to help you with the preparation and the costs will differ depending on the rates of the laborers in your area and the amount of time spent working for you. 

Deciding which movers and shakers are best

Once you have made peace with the costs related to moving your hot tub, you can decide which company to use. To start off the process you have to look at your budget and decide how much money you are willing to spend. If you come to the realisation that you have enough money to move your hot tub professionally, call the guy!

But first, look at their prices. There are a lot of companies who can move a variety of things, even bodies, yet you probably would only use them if you were in need of moving one. Therefore, look for the companies that are equipped to move your hot tub with the proper tools and proper vehicles.

Once you have that out of the way, look at the online reviews the company has received. We live in a world where you can be rated by a guesthouse as a good or bad guest, why should you not take advantage of the online review sites available?

Have a quick look at most of the reviews to determine whether or not they are the best company to move your hot tub. We have agreed earlier on that your hot tub is like your car, which is seen as a long term investment, then try choosing the company that uses all of its resources to protect your prized possession.

DIY movers and shakers

Yes, it is expensive to hire a professional company and yes there are alternatives. For the organised and planned people, I will tell you about the ten step guide to moving your hot tub.

The first thing you need to do is gather all the things you need to move the hot tub. It seems that dolly rentals, assorted tools, and plywood are supposed to be first on your list. If you are moving the hot tub from one property to another, remember to reserve a moving truck.

This is a smart move as these trucks usually come equipped with a ramp and all other types of tools in order to move big things. If you are just a little bit thoughtful, you would measure the size of your hot tub and look for a truck big enough to move it. Just do a little simple math.

If you have ticked removed the truck from your checklist, be sure to remember that you need actual people too. Whether you are asking friends and family or paying laborers to help you, do so ahead of time.

Nothing spoils a Saturday like a friend in need without a working hot tub. There are multiple sites to hire laborers from, for example, and HireAHelper. Keep in mind that you will need up to 3-6 people to help you with this big move. 

It would be wise for you to look at your surrounding areas and determine whether or not this move might damage your property. If you are moving the hot tub up or down a flight of stairs, prepare yourself for a little bit more effort and a little bit of damage here and there.

This goes without saying, yet I am going to say it anyway, disconnect your hot tub. Those wires do not need to be dangling all over the place while moving the jacuzzi. If you want to be extra cautious and prepared, place the wires in plastic zip bags in order to protect them against water.

The next move would be to drain your hot tub properly by following the hot tub’s guide to do so. It will most likely involve some or other pump or your garden hose. Get rid of the water by pumping it into the nearby street gutter and clean your hot tub with a multi-purpose product. You know how dirty these things can get.

In the process of saving time, plan the route you will use to get that tub out of there. Consider certain obstacles like stairs or garden gates and features in the garden that can be removed. You should also take into consideration that the moving truck will be parked somewhere, make sure you take the most direct route to get the hot tub on the moving truck.

This is where the plywood comes in, once the hot tub is in the moving truck, the plywood should be placed strategically underneath the hot tub. This will make it easier to place the dollies underneath the hot tub in order to move it.

Once you have moved the dollies underneath the hot tub’s front and back, you can have your friends keep it steady by still holding onto the tub while moving it. You can also strap the jacuzzi to the dollies in order to secure its stability.

After this whole ordeal, you can use the dollies to roll the hot tub to the loading ramp. Be sure to have enough people to help you push it onto the loading ramp and into the truck.

Once the hot tub is finally in the moving truck, get one helper to hold the hot tub while moving it to the new location. Keep your dollies close to ensure an easy drop off and make sure the hot tub does not move around while actually moving it. This may cause more damage than you would expect. 

Mind Over Money

I say this with the utmost respect, but writing this ten step guide was as stressful as actually moving a hot tub by myself. It may be cost-efficient but is the risk worth it when it comes to the initial cost of the hot tub? If you paid for the first installation, then you will know what your hot tub is worth.

You have to weigh the pros and cons and think of those clumsy friends and family members who only want to get the job done because they are doing it for free. The only thing that went on in my mind while typing this was that scene from FRIENDS where Ross kept saying “pivot!”.

If you think about it carefully, rather pay the money to have your hot tub professionally moved than having to explain to your insurance or wife how someone stole the hot tub without your knowledge because you were too stingy to pay for the move yourself.   

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