Why Do Public Swimming Pools Have 15-Minute Breaks?

Boy jumping into public swimming pool

Swimming is an individual or team sport that requires the use of one’s entire body to move through the water. Competitive swims are one of the most popular Olympic sports with varied distance events in the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle etc… like other activities and sports, swimming has many benefits on health and it is hazardous too at the same time.

Why do public swimming pools have 15-minute breaks? The break is mainly for safety purpose as it gives the parents a sigh of relief when they see their children safe and give them a chance to talk to them and realize that they are diving fine. It is of the views that you can grab shade and rest from direct sunlight in hot sunny days. It is also considered that by providing 15 minutes break the administration of health clubs can ensure the proper functioning of the pump and make the pool slippery and safe for swimmers. It is also thought that swimming for a long time is not a safe activity so 15 minutes break will help them in getting rest and the fear of drowning from being tired is reduced.

It is said that excess of everything is bad. Swimming is that type of sport if played for a long time that is why provision of 15 minutes should be considered as a blessing in disguise. It does not allow you to sit somewhere and have some rest or can have some light meal but it saves one from accidents.

If one gets tired then the risk of being drowned is imminent. One can get relief of 15 minutes and talk to his parents which give a sense of satisfaction. The administrative staff can clean the pool and ensure all the hygienic measures that need to be practiced to avoid chemical contamination.

The benefits of swimming cannot be ignored in this regard. Swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of water. It is good all-round activity as it keeps your heart rate up but take some of the impact stress off your body, and ensures fitness.

Moreover, people are able to exercise longer in water than on land without increased effort and minimum joint and bone pain. This activity has also proven very effective in decreasing the risk of DM and CVA. Then a question comes to mind how long you need to swim to get a good workout. It is found by literature reviews that plan swimming for 30 minutes so that your actual exercise time ends around 20 minutes. Research shows that swimming helps in removing belly fat.

Although there is no magical spot reducing exercise, it is highly aerobic exercise. If this exercise is performed on a daily basis, it can burn body fat. While splashing in the pool, you tend to focus on fun, rather than on no of calories burned.

Related Questions

It is better to swim or run for older people?

Swimming is a low impact exercise so it is better for older people to go swimming over running. With running you can burn 700 calories. If you run several miles an hour your arm to move as your run but it is not going up against the resistance as it does in swimming and an hour of light to moderate lap, swimming will burn 423 calories. Apart from this, it also helps adults in lowering the risk of heart attacks, stroke.

Why swimming is dangerous?

Due to the continuous rotation of muscles, they become susceptible to injury. The injury is thought to be due to repeated overuse. The position in which joint is injured is when the arm is used repetitively in a position above the horizontal. The best way to prevent injury is an early diagnosis. Through communication between swimmers, coaches, parents, and doctors any issue can be diagnosed.

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